Creating a new Post

To create a new post, in the main window, you can click on New Post toolbar button or under the Post menu, or simply press Ctrl+N (its shortcut).

A new/empty post is created, and you can write, and configure it, and then submit it to your blog.

The Blogilo main window is divided into two sections, Composer and Toolbox.


In the Composer section, you have a text field with the label Title, where you can write the title of the post. Below it, you have three tabs to edit your post in several ways. The first is a Visual Editor: it is a WYSIWYG editor and you only need to use the icons to format your text. The next tab is an HTML editor, where you have a syntax highlighted text editor to edit the HTML code of your post. And on the last tab, you can preview your post with your blog style, before submitting it to the server.


The Toolbox has four sections:

  1. Blog Posts

    Blog Posts

    In this section, you can fetch the latest posts from the server.

    Double click on a post entry to load it into the composer and modify it, or select a post and use the relevant button to remove it from the server.

  2. Post Categories

    Post Categories

    In this section you can select categories and tags for your post. Tags must be comma separated.

  3. Post Options

    Post Options

    Here you can select options for the currently active post in the composer such as Feedback options (for example, if visitors can leave a comment for this post or not), select a publish date, or a title to use for a permalink of the post (for Wordpress blogs only).

  4. Local Entries

    Local Entries

    And in the Local Entries section, you can double click on an entry to load it into the composer, or you can remove it from disk.