This tab allows you to customize the behavior of the internal browser tabs.

The Browser tab
Left mouse click

You can choose three actions for the Left mouse click action: Open in Tab (open the link in a tab and put this tab in focus), Open in Background Tab (open the link in a tab but keep the current tab in focus) and Open in External Browser to open an article in a new window with your default browser.

Middle mouse click

As above, you can set one of the three actions for the middle mouse click.

For External Browsing
Use default web browser

If this is checked, Akregator will use the web browser you set in System Settings. It may be the KDE default, Konqueror, or another browser depending on what you set here.

Use this command:

You can use another web browser for Akregator other than your KDE default. If you wish to do so, check this option and enter the command for the browser, provided it is in your $PATH.

Show tab close button on hover

If this option is checked, the close button will appear when you move your mouse on the left side of the tab title so you can more easily close tabs.