Adding a feed

Akregator provides you with some default feeds related to KDE - of course, you probably want to add your own feeds. Good candidates are the news sites you visit regularly.

  • Go to the menu Feed and choose Add Feed... or use the default keyboard shortcut (Ins). The following dialog appears, with an input line labeled Feed URL:.

    Add a new feed

  • Enter or in the line edit next to Feed URL and click OK.

  • The feed settings dialog appears and you can modify the default options. When you are happy with the feed settings, click OK again.

    The feed properties dialog

  • Now Planet Ubuntu has been added to your feed list.

There are multiple other ways to find and add interesting feeds. Within KDE, websites browsed with Konqueror will display the recognizable RSS icon in the bottom-right if a compatible news feed is detected at the website. Just left-click on the icon and choose Add Feed to Akregator:

Automatically finding feeds through Konqueror

On pages with this RSS or this icon, right-click on the icon and choose in the context menu Copy Link Address:

Automatically finding feeds through Konqueror

Switch to Akregator, select Add Feed... and the Feed URL is filled out with the link address.

All feeds added using this procedures appear under Imported Feeds folder in the feed list, and from there you can use your mouse to drag it to a different folder.