Chapter 2. Basic Usage

Opening Files

To view any supported file in Okular, select FileOpen..., choose a supported file in the dialog and click Open. Your file should now be displayed in the main window.


The new document will be opened in a new tab if the Open new files in tabs option on the General configuration page is checked.

You can close the tab by clicking with middle mouse button on it.

The previously closed document in a tab can be reopened using the FileUndo close tab (Ctrl+Shift+T) menu item.

If you have already opened files in Okular before, you can quickly access them by selecting them in the FileOpen Recent menu.

Okular is the default KDE application for PDF and PostScript® files, launched when you click with the left mouse button on such a file type in the filemanager. If you want to open any file whose format is supported by Okular use Open with...Okular from context menu in the filemanager.

After having a file opened you probably want to read it and therefore navigate through it. Go to the next section to learn more about this.