Chapter 5. The Configuration Dialog

Selecting the SettingsConfigure KSnakeDuel... menu item will open a further dialog which lets you tweak KSnakeDuel's behavior.

This dialog is divided into two pages.

General Configuration

General Configuration
Game type

This will let you change the game type. There are three options:

KSnakeDuel: Player vs Player

A KSnakeDuel game between two human players.

KSnakeDuel: Player vs Computer

A KSnakeDuel game between a human player and the computer.

KSnake mode: Single player

A single player KSnakeDuel game.

Disable acceleration

Checking this box will disable the acceleration feature - pressing the acceleration key will have no effect, both vehicles will always travel with constant velocity.

Player Names

Specify custom names to use for the players to override the use of default ones.

The default name for player one is the name of the current logged in user.

Game Options

Specify the Rounds to win: to define how many rounds are required before a winner is declared.