Go Menu

GoUp (Alt+Up)

Navigates to the parent folder of the active panel.

GoBack (Alt+Left)

Navigates to the previously viewed folder in the active panel.

GoForward (Alt+Right)

Navigates to the next viewed folder in the active panel. Becomes available only if GoBack was used beforehand.

GoHome (Alt+Home)

Navigates to the home folder of the current user.

GoRoot (Ctrl+Backspace)

Navigates to the root folder of the system.

GoPopular URLs... (Ctrl+Z)

Displays a listing of frequently viewed folders from which you may navigate to one by double-clicking on it.

GoSet Jump Back Point (Ctrl+Shift+J)

Sets the current folder as a jump back point. To navigate to this folder quickly, select the Jump Back command from the Go menu.

GoJump Back (Ctrl+J)

Returns to a previous jump back point.