Slopes are slanted areas of the course that the golf ball rolls down in an expected manner. The light of the golf course is from the upper-left, so the brightest slopes will push the ball towards the upper-left corner of the hole. Choose the HoleShow Info menu item to see an arrow that points in the direction the slope will roll the ball.

On this tutorial hole, hit the ball onto the upward-pointing slope and let it roll into the cup to move onto the next hole.


On the next hole, experiment with the other kinds of slopes. There are elliptical, vertical, horizontal, and diagonal slopes in Kolf. Hit the ball into the hole.


The next tutorial hole has two slopes of differing steepness. If you choose the HoleShow Info menu item, the steepness of the slope will appear as a number from 1-8, where 8 is steepest and 1 is shallowest. Hit the ball into the hole and continue to the next hole.