Advanced Searches

Kiten supports more advanced searches than plain normal word searches.

Beginning/Ending/Anywhere Searches

Beside a search with Exact Match Kiten has three additional search modes.

To search for the beginning of a word, instead of pressing the Search button on the toolbar or pressing Enter on the text-entry in the toolbar, choose using the SearchMatch Type Match Beginning. Similarly, for ending or anywhere searches, choose SearchMatch Type Match Anywhere or Match Ending to search for your text anywhere in or at the end of a word. These search modes work for searches of both languages.

Kiten match ending search

Word type searches

Kiten supports word type searches such as: verb, noun, adjective, adverb, prefix, suffix, expression or any type. This way you can filter your results more conveniently.

Kiten match word type

Searching in Results

Kiten can also help you refine your searches by allowing you to search for new text in the results generated by a previous search. To do this, just choose SearchSearch in Results to perform your search. Similarly to beginning/ending/anywhere searches, this works for both languages too.

Kiten search in results