Monitor Gamma

Michael v.Ostheim

Revision Plasma 5.4 (2015-07-31)


This module is a tool for monitor gamma correction. With proper gamma settings, your display (websites, images, etc.) will look the same on your monitor as on other monitors.

It allows you to alter the monitor's gamma correction of the X-Server. But that's not all to do. For good results you have to set the correct brightness, contrast and color balance of your monitor. This may be difficult and you have to repeat every step several times. For perfect results you need really good (and expensive) hardware.

Use the four sliders to define the gamma correction either as a single value, or separately for the red, green and blue components. The X-Server default setting for gamma is 1.00 (Mac® 1.80, WinXX 2.20). The test images help you to find proper settings.

To store the gamma settings system wide, enable the option Save settings system wide. The system settings will be restored at next X-Server startup. You need root access to use this option. Use this if you want to correct the gamma settings for all users and graphical environments on this machine.

To store the gamma settings to your personal Plasma™ configuration, do not enable that option. The user settings will be restored at next Plasma™ startup and replace temporary the system gamma settings. The system settings are not removed by that and will be restored at next X-Server startup.

On multi head systems, select the screen you want to alter with the combo box. This will also work with xinerama enabled. If you want to set all screens to the same gamma values, enable the Sync screens option. On systems with only one screen this option will take no effect.