Burkhard Lück

Revision 1.9 (KDE
4.11) (2013-05-25)

Sweeper helps to clean unwanted traces from KDE applications users leave on the system.

Check all cleanup actions you would like to perform using the Select All and Select None buttons or by selecting/deselecting individual items from the two groups General and Web Browsing

If you are satisfied with your selection click the Clean Up button, which immediately performs the cleanup actions you selected.


Sweeper deletes the cached data used by KDE applications from the KDE cache folder. To see the location of this folder enter kde4-config --path cache in Konsole. Cleaning up your cached data with Sweeper makes it only impossible to read them e.g. using a filemanager, but it is possible to read the raw data, which is still on the disk, using a low level disk tool.