Statistical Mode

In this mode the left column of buttons is allocated to statistical functions:

Most of the functionality in this mode is centered around the Dat button. To create a data list of numbers, enter a number into the calculator and press Dat. A sequentially increasing number is shown on the display indicating which position in the Data list the number occupies. A traditional calculator only stores three values for statistical functions: The number of discrete items in a list, the sum of the data items entered and the sum of the square of all data items in the list. KCalc differs by actually storing each discrete value, allowing you to calculate the median value of the data.

NRecall the number of data items entered
Shift N or ΣxDisplay the sum of all data items entered
MeaDisplay the mean of the data items entered
Shift Mea or Σx²Display the sum of the square of all data items entered
σNDisplay the standard deviation (n)
Shift σN or σN-1 Display the population standard deviation (n-1)
MedDisplay the median
DatEnter a data item
Shift Dat or CDatClear last data item entered
CStClear the store of all data item entered

The next two columns hold the buttons with trigonometric and algebraic functions described in the Science mode section.