Science Mode

In this mode the left column of buttons is allocated to trigonometric functions:

HypEnter Hyperbolic sub mode. Hyp Sin for example is the hyperbolic sine: sinh
SinCompute the sine
Shift Sin or AsinCompute the inverse sine
CosCompute the cosine
Shift Cos or AcosCompute the inverse cosine
TanCompute the tangent
Shift Tan or AtanCompute the inverse tangent
LogCompute the Log base 10
Shift Log or 10xCompute 10 to the power of x
LnCompute the natural logarithm. That is the log to base e
Shift Ln or exCompute e (the base of the natural logarithm) to the power of x

The second column has buttons for algebraic functions:

ModCompute the remainder in Euclidean division
Shift Mod or IntDivInteger division (integer part of the quotient)
1/xCompute the reciprocal for a number
Shift 1/x or nCmCompute the number of distinct second-operand-element subsets of it that can be formed for any set containing first operand elements (binomial coefficient)
x!Compute the product of all positive integers less than or equal to the current integer operand (factorial)
Compute the square of x
Shift or √xCompute the square root of x
x power y
Shift xy or x1/yx power 1/y
Computes the third (cubic) power of x
Shift or ∛xComputes the third (cubic) root of x
x·10ʸComputes the product of the first operand and decimal exponent of the second operand