Chapter 1. Introduction

KCalc offers many more mathematical functions than meet the eye on a first glance. Please study the section on keyboard accelerators and modes in this handbook to learn more about the many functions available.

In addition to the usual functionality offered by most scientific calculators, KCalc offers a number of features, which I think are worthwhile pointing out:

  • KCalc provides trigonometric functions, logic operations, and it is able to do statistical calculations.

  • KCalc allows you to cut and paste numbers from/into its display.

  • KCalc features a results-stack which lets you conveniently recall previous results.

  • You can configure KCalc's display colors and font.

  • You can configure KCalc's precision, the number of displayed digits and the number of digits after the period in the settings dialog.

  • KCalc offers a great number of useful key-bindings, which make using KCalc without using a pointing device easy.

    Hint: pressing (and holding) the Ctrl-key, displays on every button,the corresponding key-binding.


KCalc uses Infix notation which enforces correct order of operations as taught in school; contrary to Immediate execution used by many simple calculators.

Have fun with KCalc!

Bernd Johannes Wuebben