Chapter 5. Command Reference

Table of Contents

Menu Items

Menu Items

A brief overview of some special menu items in KCalc:


Display Pi, Euler Number or Golden Ratio.


Display Light Speed, Elementary Charge, Impedance of Vacuum, Permeability of Vacuum or Permittivity of Vacuum.

ConstantsAtomic & Nuclear

Display Planck's Constant, Elementary Charge or Fine-Structure Constant.


Display Boltzmann Constant, Atomic Mass Unit, Molar Gas Constant, Stefan-Boltzmann Constant or Avogadro's Number.


Display Constant of Gravitation or Earth Acceleration.

SettingsSimple Mode

Displays the simple math buttons.

SettingsScience Mode

Displays trigonometric and science buttons.

SettingsStatistic Mode

Displays statistic buttons.

SettingsNumeral System Mode

Displays logic buttons and allows changing the numeral system.

SettingsConstants Buttons

Display constants buttons. They are available in science mode and statistic mode.

SettingsShow Bit Edit

Displays a bit edit field. Click on a bit to toggle it. Only available in numeral system mode.

Additionally KCalc has the common File, Edit, Settings and Help menu items, for more information read the sections about the Menus in the KDE Fundamentals.