Creating Archives and Adding Files

To create a new archive in Ark, choose New (Ctrl+N) from the Archive menu.

You can then type the name of the archive, with the appropriate extension (tar.gz, zip, 7z, etc.) or select a supported format in the Filter combo box and check the Automatically select filename extension option.

To add files or folders to the new archive, choose Add File... or Add Folder..., respectively, from the Archive menu.

An alternative way to add files to an archive is to drag one or more files from e.g. Dolphin into the main Ark window, and it will be added to the current archive. Note that files added in this way will always be added to the root directory of the archive.

Password Protection

If you create a zip, rar, 7zip and jar archive you can protect it with a password.

Create a password protected archive

Choose whether to require the password before showing the list of files. This is called header encryption and is available only with the rar and 7zip formats. Header encryption is enabled by default (when available), in order to offer the maximum protection for novice users.