Chapter 1. Introduction

Umbrello UML Modeller is a UML diagram tool that can support you in the software development process. Especially during the analysis and design phases of this process, Umbrello UML Modeller will help you to get a high quality product. UML can also be used to document your software designs to help you and your fellow developers.

Having a good model of your software is the best way to communicate with other developers working on the project and with your customers. A good model is extremely important for medium and big-size projects, but it is also very useful for small ones. Even if you are working on a small one man project you will benefit from a good model because it will give you an overview that will help you code things right the first time.

UML is the diagramming language used to describing such models. You can represent your ideas in UML using different types of diagrams. Umbrello UML Modeller 2.11 supports the following types:

  • Class Diagram

  • Sequence Diagram

  • Collaboration Diagram

  • Use Case Diagram

  • State Diagram

  • Activity Diagram

  • Component Diagram

  • Deployment Diagram

  • Entity Relationship Diagram

More information about UML can be found at the website of OMG, who create the UML standard.

We hope you enjoy Umbrello UML Modeller and that it helps you create high quality software. Umbrello UML Modeller is Free Software and available at no cost, the only thing we ask from you is to report any bugs, problems, or suggestions to the Umbrello UML Modeller developers at or