Accounts Page

You can find a quick introduction to the Accounts page in the Setting up your Account section.

This page allows you to create one or more (incoming and outgoing) accounts, i.e. combinations of mail servers, login information and other settings. Typically, you will create one outgoing (used for sending messages) and one incoming (used to retrieve messages) account. You can create as many accounts as you want, though, and assign each one to different identities or decide on a per-message basis.


The Sending tab allows you to define new outgoing mail servers and set some common options.

For basic information, see Setting up your Account: Sending.

When you click Add... or Modify... the Create Outgoing Account or Configure account dialogs will open respectively. For sending via sendmail® or similar programs you can specify a name and the location of the sendmail® program. For SMTP you can specify Name, Outgoing mail server, and Port of the server. Server requires authentication will enable the Login and Password fields. If you are not sure about the security settings you can make KMail test for the best settings by using Auto Detect on the Advanced tab.

Confirm before send will pop up a confirmation box every time you send a message.

Send messages in outbox folder lets you specify when queued messages, i.e. messages in the outbox folder pending to be sent, should be sent. You can choose between:

Never Automatically

Queued messages will only be sent if you select FileSend queued messages.

On Manual Mail Checks

Queued messages will be sent after you have manually checked for new mail, e.g. with FileCheck Mail. Of course, you can also manually send the queued messages with FileSend queued messages.

On All Mail Checks

Queued messages will be sent after all checks for new mail, i.e. after automatic mail checks as well as after manual mail checks. Of course, you can also manually send the queued messages with FileSend queued messages.

Default send method lets you define what happens when a message is sent. If Send now is selected, the message is sent to the mail server immediately, while if Send later is selected, the message is queued in the outbox to be sent later with the FileSend Queued Messages command or automatically when you check your mail, depending on the setting of Send messages in outbox folder above.

Default domain lets you specify which domain name should be used to complete email addresses that only consist of the recipient's user name. For example when you set the default domain to then messages you send to johndoe will be sent to


For basic information, see Setting up your Account: Receiving.

Using the Retrieval Options popup menu for each resource, lets you specify whether KMail should check for new mail immediately after it has been started. You can also select Include in Manual Mail Check and Switch offline on KMail Shutdown.

With New Mail Notification you can set how KMail will notify you if new messages have arrived: Beep will play a short beep sound; if Detailed new mail notification is enabled then KMail will show the number of new messages for each folder provided you have chosen to be notified with a dialog. More advanced notification options, like showing a dialog or running a certain command, are available via the Other Actions button.