sonagram (Sonagram)

Screenshot of the setup dialog of the Sonagram Plugin
Screenshot of the Sonagram Window
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Evaluates the current selection by generating a sonagram. A sonagram is an evaluation of a signal over time (x axis), frequency (y axis) and intensity (color).

FFT points

Number of points of the FFT, a whole number between 4 and 32767 which determines the frequency resolution.

window function

The window function used for the FFT calculation, supported values are:

noneno window function
hamming Hamming window
hanning Hanning window
blackman Blackman window
triangularTriangular window

use colors

If set to non-zero, use colors for intensity, if set to zero use grayscales.

track changes

If set to non-zero, the sonagram will be updated when the area that was evaluated has changed. If set to zero it will never be updated.

follow selection

Not yet implemented, use zero for this parameter.