record (Record)

Screenshot of the Record Plugin
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Provides a dialog to set up the record parameters and to do a recording. Please refer to the section Recording in this manual for more information.

recording method

The method used for recording, see RecordParams.h.

pre recording enabled

Enable/disable pre recording (1 if enabled, 0 if disabled).

pre recording time

Number of seconds for pre recording.

limit recording time

Enable/disable limiting of recording time (1 if limited, 0 if not limited).

recording time

Duration of the recording in seconds.

use starting time

Enable/disable starting time (1 if used, 0 if not used).

starting time

Date/time to start the recording, in ISO format.

use trigger level

Enable/disable trigger level (1 if used, 0 if not used).

trigger level

Trigger level in percent.

recording device

A string that determines the recording device.


The number of channels to use for recording.

sample rate

Sample rate in samples per second.


Compression to use for storing the samples.

sample format

Sample format to use for storing the samples, see section about sample formats.

bits per sample

The number of bits per sample for recording, should be 8, 16, 24 or 32.

buffer count

Determines the number buffers used for recording.

buffer size

Determines the size of the recording buffer, used as exponent for calculating the real buffer size as 2^n, e.g. setting this to 16 gives a buffer size of 2^16 = 64 kB.

Alternative Parameters:
record plugin direct mode

Can be used as a single parameter for setting up the plugin. The following values are possible:

format Open the recording dialog and select the Format tab.
source Open the recording dialog and select the Source tab.
start_now Open the recording dialog and directly start recording.