pitch_shift (Pitch Shift)

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The pitch shift effect modifies the signal by changing the speed of the content, but with keeping the original length. You can select the relative speed either by factor from 1/10 to x5, or as a percentage from 1% to 400% of the original speed.

A speed factor below 1.0 pitches the signal down (lower voice, makes voices sound older), factor 1.0 does no change and a factor above 1.0 pitches the signal up (higher voice, Mickey Mouse effect).

The implementation is based on the work of Jeff Tranter and Stefan Westerfeld


Factor for changing the speed, has to be a floating point number between 0.001 and 4.0.


Frequency internally used by the filter in Hz, has to be between 2.0 and 10.0.

0 Enter the speed value as factor from 1/10 to x5.
1 Enter the speed value as percentage from 1 to 400.