codec_mp3 (MP3 Codec)

Screenshot of the MP3 Codec Setup Dialog
Internal Name:


Plugin Type:


Supported File Types:
Description:MPEG layer III audio
File Extensions:*.mp3
Mime Types: audio/x-mp3, audio/mpegs
Description:MPEG layer II audio
File Extensions:*.mp2
Mime Types: audio/x-mp2, audio/mpeg
Description:MPEG layer I audio
File Extensions: *.mp1, *.mpg, *.mpga
Mime Types: audio/x-mpga, audio/mpeg
Supported Meta Data:

Album, Annotation, Author, CD, CDS, Comments, Commissioned, Contact, Copyright, Date, Genre, ISRC, Length, License, Medium, Name, Organization, Performer, Software, Technician, Track, Tracks, Version