Minor contributors, copyright holders and others

  • Aaron Holtzman


  • Bertrand Songis [historic]

    french translation fixes, substitutes for patented libaudiofile code, debian bug 419124

  • Carsten Lohrke

    svn r2163, patch for libaudiofile detection

  • Chris Vaill

    code base for the normalize plugin

  • David Faure


  • Diederick de Vries

    packaging for Crux Linux

  • Espen Sand + Mirko Boehm

    K3AboutContainer, base of KwaveAboutContainer

  • Everaldo Coelho

    the crystal icon theme http://www.everaldo.com/crystal/

  • Jaroslav Kysela

    parts of plugins/playback/PlayBack-ALSA.cpp

  • Jeff Tranter

    parts of plugins/pitch_shift/PitchShiftFilter.{h,cpp}

  • Juhana Sadeharju

    plugins/band_pass/BandPass.{h,cpp}, plugins/lowpass/LowPassFilter.cpp, plugins/notch_filter/NotchFilter.{h,cpp}

  • Kurt Roeck

    svn r1370, fix for debian bug#288781, compilation for amd64

  • Mark Donohoe (KDE)

    some icons and bitmaps for toolbar and GUI

  • Martin Hinsch

    Matrix class

  • Matthias Kretz


  • Miguel Freitas

    parts of libkwave/memcpy.c

  • Richard Laerkaeng,


  • Rik Hemsley

    level meter

  • Stefan Westerfeld

    parts of plugins/pitch_shift/PitchShiftFilter.{h,cpp}

  • Joerg-Christian Boehme

    plugins/record/Record-PulseAudio.cpp plugins/record/Record-PulseAudio.h

  • Sebastian Trueg , Gustavo Pichorim Boiko , Michal Malek

    parts of plugins/export_k3b/K3BExportPlugin.cpp