Chapter 4. The Menubar

The File Menu

FileOpen... (Ctrl+O)

Open a supported file or Okular archive. If there is already an opened file it will be closed. For more information, see the section about Opening Files.

FileOpen Recent

Open a file which was used previously from a submenu. If a file is currently being displayed it will be closed. For more information, see the section about Opening Files.

FileImport PostScript as PDF...

Open a PostScript® file and convert it to PDF.

FileSave As... (Ctrl+S)

Saves the document under a new name including all the changes (annotations, form contents, etc.), provided the document backend supports saving changes. With the PDF backend it is possible to save the document with the changed values of the form fields. It can be possible (provided that the data were not secured using DRM) to save annotations with PDF files.


Note that, due to the way this is implemented, even if there are no changes to the file, the new file need not to be an exact bit-for-bit copy of the original file (e.g. can have a different SHA-1 hash, etc.).

FileSave Copy As... (Ctrl+Shift+S)

Saves a copy of the original document under a new name (completely bypassing the document backend). The saved document will be a bit-for-bit copy of the original.

FileReload (F5)

Reload the currently open file.

FilePrint... (Ctrl+P)

Print the currently displayed document.

FilePrint Preview...

Show a preview of how the currently displayed document would be printed with the default options.


Display some basic information about the document, such as title, author, creation date, and details about the fonts used. The available information depends on the type of document.

FileEmbedded Files...

Show the files embedded in the document, if the document has any. For more information, see the section about the Embedded Files.

FileExport As

This item contains the export formats the current document can be exported to. The first entry for all kind of documents is always Plain Text...

The second entry is Document Archive, which allows you to save the document with your annotations into an Okular-specific archive format. Thus it is easily possible to share the original document and your annotations with other Okular users or work with them collaboratively.


This item contains the services which can be used to share the current document with other people or send it to your devices. The entries in this sub-menu are controlled by the system. They depend on the current document format and the installed KPurpose plugins.

FileQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Close Okular.