The Edit Menu

EditUndo (Ctrl+Z)

Undo the last annotation editing command (creation and removal of annotations, editing arbitrary annotation properties, relocating annotations with Ctrl+drag, and editing the text contents of an annotation).

EditRedo (Ctrl+Shift+Z)

Redo the last undo step when editing annotations.

EditCopy (Ctrl+C)

Copy the currently selected text in Text Selection mode to the clipboard.

EditSelect All (Ctrl+A)

Selects all the text (if the document provides it). This works only in Text Selection mode.

EditFind... (Ctrl+F)

Show the find bar on the bottom of the viewing area that allows you to search for a string in the document.

EditFind Next (F3)

Try to find the previous searched string again in the document.

EditFind Previous (Shift+F3)

Goes to the previous occurrence of the search string in the document.