Chapter 5. Configuring Okular Backends

You can configure Okular backends by choosing SettingsConfigure Backends.... Currently, configuration options are provided for EPub, PostScript®, FictionBook, Txt, OpenDocument Text, and PDF backends only.

The backends configuration dialog

Using backend configuration pages for EPub, FictionBook, Txt and OpenDocument Text you can define the font to render documents in the corresponding formats. The Choose... button in these pages opens standard KDE font configuration window. Please refer to the KDE Fundamentals documentation for the details.

The description of PostScript® and PDF backends configuration pages can be found below.

PostScript® backend configuration

You can configure Okular PostScript® rendering backend based on Ghostscript by choosing Ghostscript from the list on the left part of the configuration dialog. The only configurable option is as follows.

Use platform fonts

This option determines whether Ghostscript should be allowed to use platform fonts, if unchecked only usage of fonts embedded in the document will be allowed. This option is checked by default.