Chapter 1. Introduction

KDE Screen Ruler is a very simple application, with only one aim in life. To measure pixel distances and colors on your screen. It is useful for working on layout of dialogs, web pages etc.

To start KDE Screen Ruler, choose ApplicationsGraphicsMore ApplicationsScreen Ruler from your application menu.

KDE Screen Ruler

Clicking with the left mouse button on the KDE Screen Ruler will turn the cursor to a cross with four arrows and enables you to drag KDE Screen Ruler around the screen.

When you move the mouse over KDE Screen Ruler, your cursor will turn into an elongated arrow, with a circle at one end. As you move the cursor, KDE Screen Ruler will display how far from the point marked 0 the circle on the end of the cursor currently is. KDE Screen Ruler will also display the HTML color code of the color currently under the circle. This is very useful for picking out colors from an image. If you move the mouse far enough that the arrow cursor is no longer touching KDE Screen Ruler, the cursor will revert to normal, allowing you to carry on working with your other applications.

You can change the orientation in three different ways:

Clicking the middle mouse button switches the ruler from vertical to horizontal orientation
By clicking the rotation buttons to turn 90 degrees to the left or right. If the rotation buttons are not displayed on the ruler, enable them with Show rotation buttons in the settings dialog
Using the context menu, described in the next chapter