About Energy Points.

  • Each player controls one ship.

  • The ships can rotate, accelerate, shoot and set mines.

  • Each ship has a limited amount of energy required for rotation, acceleration, shooting and setting mines.

  • Each ship has a limited amount of energy.

  • Ships absorb solar energy required for the ship's operation. The amount of energy the ship gets depends on the distance from and the direction to the sun.


A ship gets more energy near the sun and less energy near the border. It gets the full amount of energy if the sun shines directly on the solar panels and less or even no energy if the sun shines at an angle to the panels or at the other side of the panels.

About Bullets and Mines.

  • Bullets fly around the sun just like a ship does.

  • Mines have an amount of energy to stay at the same position. When the energy is spent, the mines collide with the sun and disintegrate.

  • The closer to the sun the mine is set, the more energy it needs to stay in place.

  • Mines can be destroyed with bullets.

  • By default each ship has 5 bullets and 3 mines.

About Hit Points

  • Collision with own bullets, or enemy bullets or mines decreases the hit points.

  • If two ships collide then the weaker ship is destroyed and the hit points of the stronger ship are decreased by the amount of the hit points the weaker ship had.

  • If the satellite's amount of hit points goes to zero then satellite explodes.

  • If a satellite collides with the sun it is destroyed regardless of the amount of hit points remaining.


From time to time powerups appear on the play field.

There are four different powerups:


The maximum number of mines is increased.


The maximum number of bullets is increased.

Energy (yellow sphere)

Player's energy increases.

Shield (blue sphere)

Player's hit points increase.