Chapter 6. Game Configuration

Game Keys

KSpaceDuel has a default set of keys to control the game. For a list of default keys see the section entitled Default Shortcuts.

Keys can be configured by selecting SettingsConfigure Shortcuts... from the menubar.

This will bring up a dialog box which lets you configure all hotkeys, including the keys used for steering the space ships, for firing bullets, and for laying mines.

You can see that each player (Red and Blue), has 5 keystrokes corresponding to Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Accelerate, Shot, and Mines.

When you are finished configuring your keys, you should click on OK to apply your changes.

If you want to restore the default keys, simply click on the Default button once. To make these changes permanent, press OK.

If you want to abandon the changes you made, and return to your previously selected keys, simply click Cancel, and your changes will be lost.