The Chess Server Dialog

If you chose to play on a chess server, you must first log in to the server. If you have an account at the server, type in your username and password, and select This is a registered account. Otherwise, type in a username of your choice, and click Log in.

There are two ways to choose the opponent. Either you post an ad for your game (called a "seek"), or you respond to someone else's seek.

To post your own, go to the Challenges tab and click Seek. If you checked Automatically start the game, once a player has accepted your seek, the game will start immediately. Otherwise, you have to accept the challenge manually, by selecting it from the list and clicking Accept.

To respond to other people's seeks, use the Seek List or Seek Graph tabs. On either tab, select the seek by clicking on it and then pressing the Accept.

The seek graph displays all currently posted seeks, arranged by opponent's rating and game duration. Clicking on a point on the graph accepts the seek.


For advanced usage, Knights provides direct access to the server console. Select the Console tab to use it.