Chapter 6. Game Configuration

Game Configuration

The Kiriki configuration dialog lets you configure the number of participants, manage their identities, and their response times.


You can change the response times for Artificial Intelligence driven players only.

Number of players: this field defines the number of players for Kiriki. The values allowed here range between two and six.

1.-6. Numbered fields are the identities of the participating players. You can change their names as well as specify whether they will be human controlled, or driven by the Artificial Intelligence. To define who controls the player use a check box located on the right hand side, right next to the name entry box.

The first player must always be human controlled.

Changes to number of participants and their identities will be applied on the next game.

Delay between computers move (msec): lets you specify the delay between Artificial Intelligence's turns. The value of this field is zero by default, meaning that the Artificial Intelligence reacts instantaneously.


The maximum value for this field is 999 milliseconds.

Use Font Size and Row Height to adjust the score board to your liking.

If you want to play immediately at Kiriki startup disable the default option Show demonstration game at startup.