Playing a game

Now you are ready to play your first round of Go. If you are not familiar with the rules, we recommend reading the corresponding Wikipedia article or take The Interactive Way To Go from Hiroki Mori.

Making a move is simple, just click on one of the intersections on the Go board. You should see a little black point which shows you where your stone would land if you click.

The current player can be determined by the cursor, which changes to a black or a white stone depending on which player is next.

You can also check the game information which shows also the previous move and some statistics. A complete move history is also available. If you want to remember in which order the stones on the board where placed, just click the Show move numbers button. If you think that you can’t gain anything by placing another stone, just click Pass Move and let your opponent take his turn. If both players pass, the game can be finished. Note that ending a Go game is always a cooperative step!

Playing a Fresh Game.

Note that you can save the current game at any time. Do this by entering the Game menu and choose the Save item.

Getting a hint

Sometimes it is difficult to decide which move to make. If you want the computer to give you a little hint, just press the Hint button shown in the screenshot below. Now some transparent stones with a number on top should appear. These are actually your recommendations with a score. The score determines how good that move is. Feel free to click on any of the recommended moves or any other free field to make set your next stone.

Getting a Hint.