A Typical Game

Below is a typical game in progress. The hero is at level 4 in the Advanced Tutorial game. The window's lower part shows how many lives he has left and how many points he has scored. It also shows that there is a hint available for this level (as there always is in tutorial games) and that the action is stopped (while taking this snapshot), but can be continued by pressing P or Esc.

The hero started at the top left, dug a hole and dropped into a line of false bricks and gold where you can now see him falling. The enemy above him will fall into the hole, then climb out and be trapped up there till the end of the level. He could cause the hero some problems then, because that is where the hidden ladders appear when all the gold is gone. The hero has to use them to get to the next level.

KGoldrunner typical game

The enemy on the right is falling and carrying some gold. The third enemy is about to come down a ladder to chase the hero, who will have to dodge both enemies when he reaches the floor. This level also shows diggable bricks and undiggable concrete and has lots of traps (false bricks), which look just like ordinary bricks.