The Settings Menu

SettingsFull Screen Mode (Ctrl+Shift+F)

Toggles the Full Screen mode on and off.

SettingsChange Theme

This submenu offers you a choice of background themes or worlds in which to play. You can change the theme at any time, even as the game is playing. For those who are artistically inclined, it is possible to compose new themes, including graphics or sound or both and add them to KGoldrunner. Just contact the author for details.

Black on White

This theme is stripped down to its barest graphical units and painted in black and white only. It is intended to help players who may be visually impaired. The author would appreciate email responses on how effective it is and what improvements in visibility could be made.

The Treasure of Egypt

Matt Goldrunner finds himself in an Ancient Egyptian temple, being pursued by mummies who are determined to protect their ancestral jewels at all costs.

KGoldrunner Default

Gives you the default KGoldrunner theme, with red bricks and gray concrete.

Geek City

Our hero is trapped inside a computer. Will he escape when he finally reaches the last level?


Recalls the days of the original Apple II and Commodore 64 game, as it was when you plugged your machine into your TV set — otherwise you had a monochrome monitor. For those who do not remember such heroic days, this is not an exact reproduction, but it gives you a general idea. For example the hero was all white back then, but today he is blue.

Nostalgia Blues

Recalls the Apple II game, where the bricks and concrete were a nice blue color, the hero was white, the enemies had white pants and orange (flesh-tint) tops and the gold was white boxes with orange panels. The whole effect was fuzzier (a sort of hardware anti-aliasing), which made the bricks look almost three-dimensional — difficult to recreate on today's pin-sharp monitors.

SettingsPlay Sounds

Toggles the sounds on and off.

SettingsPlay Footstep Sounds

Toggles the sounds of footsteps on and off.

SettingsDemo At Start

Toggles the startup demo on and off (see Starting the Game).

SettingsMouse Controls Hero

Sets mouse control of the hero (see Moving Around).

SettingsKeyboard Controls Hero

Sets keyboard control of the hero (see Keyboard Control).

SettingsHybrid Control (Laptop)

Sets hybrid control of the hero, for laptops, where the touchpad or other pointer device is used to guide the hero and the dig keys, on the keyboard, are used for digging left and right.

SettingsClick Key To Move

In keyboard mode, click a direction-key to start moving and keep on going until you click another key.

SettingsHold Key To Move

In keyboard mode, hold down a direction-key to move and release it to stop.

SettingsNormal Speed

Sets normal game speed (10 units).

SettingsBeginner Speed

Sets beginner game speed (5 units, half of normal speed).

SettingsChampion Speed

Sets champion game speed (15 units, 1.5 times normal speed).

SettingsIncrease Speed (+)

Increases the game speed by one unit, up to a maximum of 20 units (twice normal speed). You can use the + key as a shortcut.

SettingsDecrease Speed (-)

Decreases the game speed by one unit, down to a minimum of 2 units (a fifth of normal speed). You can use the - key as a shortcut.

SettingsConfigure Shortcuts...

In the KDE desktop this item allows you to change the keyboard assignments (e.g. for keyboard control of the hero) or to assign your own shortcut keys for menu items.