Reorganizing Games and Levels

Moving a Level

You can use Move Level on the Editor menu to re-order or re-number the levels in a game or to move a level from one game to another. Move Level is a two-part operation. You must first load a level by selecting it for editing or play, then when you use Move Level, the Level Selection Dialog box appears and you can select the new level number and game (as required).

Moves leave no gaps in the sequence of level numbers in a game. For example, if you move level 10 of game A to level 3 of game B, levels 11 and above in game A are re-numbered down by one (to close the gap) and levels 3 and above in game B are re-numbered up by one (to make room for the newcomer).

Deleting a Level

You can use Delete Level on the Editor menu to remove an unwanted level. The other levels are re-numbered so as to close the gap in the sequence.