Chapter 1. Playing KGoldrunner


Game type: Arcade, Strategy

Number of players: One

KGoldrunner is an action game where the hero runs through a maze and dodges enemies. You must guide the hero with the mouse or keyboard and collect all the gold nuggets, then you can climb up into the next level. Your enemies are also after the gold. Worse still, they are after you! They will kill you if they catch you!

The problem is you have no weapon to kill them. All you can do is run away, dig holes in the floor to trap them or lure them into some area where they cannot hurt you. After a short time a trapped enemy climbs out of his hole, but if it closes before that, he will die and reappear somewhere else.

If you have never played before, try the Tutorial game, which teaches you the rules and basic skills. Then try the Initiation game. Experts might enjoy the Challenge, Vengeance of Peter W, Count or Curse of the Mummy games, but the Initiation game has 100 levels and some are very difficult. It is a good game for achieving a High Score.

All those games use Traditional rules, which are similar to those used on early home-computers, such as the Apple II or Commodore 64. The KGoldrunner and State of Terror games use KGoldrunner rules, in which the enemies run faster and have a more aggressive search strategy than in Traditional rules. See Choice of Rules for details.

As you move to more advanced levels, you will find that KGoldrunner combines action, strategy, tactics and puzzle solving — all in one game. Good luck!