Solving Difficult Levels

  • Try changing the speed settings to Beginner or even lower.

  • Use the Editor feature to peek at where the false bricks and hidden ladders are.

  • Use the Editor feature to save the level in one of your own games, then you can edit it so that you do not always have to start at the beginning when you die. This allows you to develop the solution in easier stages.

  • In digging puzzles, look for false bricks you can fall into and thus have one less brick to dig. Or consider using an enemy to go ahead of you, so that you can stand on his head and dig.

  • Look for a theme or trick in the level, such as riding down on an enemy's head, trapping all the enemies in a pit, luring the enemies to a corner where they will stay and not chase you, luring the enemies into pits you must cross to get to some gold, getting the enemies to fetch gold for you or finding spots where you can stand and make an enemy move to where you want him.

  • Use MoveShow A Solution... to check if there is a recorded solution to the level. This will show you some ways to handle difficulties in the level, but not necessarily the best ways. There are often many ways to win a level and each time you play it there are small differences in timing, etc. So you probably will not be able to copy the recorded solution exactly.

  • Use MoveInstant Replay or MoveReplay Last Level to replay a level to a point just before you had trouble, then interrupt the replay and try some other approach.