The Game Menu

GameNew Game... (Ctrl+N)

Shows the level selection dialog box (see Using the Level Selection Dialog Box), where you choose a game and a level within that game. At first it is easiest to start at level 1, because the levels are arranged approximately in order of difficulty. Also it is best to start there if you are going for a high score.

GameLoad Saved Game... (Ctrl+O)

Brings up a table of previously saved games, sorted with the latest first. Each line lists the game, level, number of lives, score, day of week, date and time. If you select a line and click the OK button, that game starts at the beginning of that level, with the lives and score you saved.

GamePlay Next Level (Y)

Loads the next level in the current game, ready to play and without any further dialog. You can use this to browse quickly through the levels of a game.

GameSave Game... (S)

Saves the current game, level, lives and score. The option will only save the position and score as at the start of the current level. You can save when you are mid-way through a level, but KGoldrunner will still save the position (and score) as it was at the start of the level. You will receive a warning message about that. Before using this option, you should press a Pause key (P or Esc), to freeze the game as you move the mouse, but it is much easier to use the S key as a short-cut.

GameSave Edits... (Ctrl+S)

This option is enabled only if you have been using the Game Editor. It brings up the level selection dialog box and lets you choose a level number and game in which to save your work. Its action is exactly the same as the Save Edits option on the Editor menu and the disk icon on the Editor toolbar.

GamePause (P or Esc)

Stops or restarts the game action.

GameShow High Scores (Ctrl+H)

Shows a table of up to ten high scores for the currently selected game. Each line shows the player's rank and name, the level reached, the score achieved, the day of the week and the date.

GameKill Hero (Q)

Kills the hero when he is in a position from which he cannot escape.

GameQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Terminates KGoldrunner immediately. If a game is in progress, it disappears forever (unless you have just saved it) and there is no check for a high score. If you were editing a level, you are given an opportunity to save your work.