Custom Lessons

The custom lessons feature allows you to extend your training material in an easy way by choosing some arbitrary text.

The custom lessons are gathered in a special course, the Custom Lessons course, always available right next to the normal built-in courses.

Custom lessons course

This special course mostly acts like any other, training and statistics gathering works as usual. Clicking on Create New Custom Lesson or the Edit button (for existing lessons) brings up a stripped-down version of the normal lesson editor.

Custom lesson editor

Use button to open a generic text file that will be loaded into the lesson text field.

The button can be used to wrap the lesson text. Typewriting Trainer editor wraps text such that every line of the lesson does not exceed the recommended 60 characters limit.

The editor will highlight problematic sections of your lesson texts. Characters which can't by typed on your keyboard layout will be shown on a dark red, lines which are considered to be too long use a gray font for the excess characters.


All custom lessons are stored per profile and keyboard layout individually. Use this to manage different sets of lessons depending on the specific training situation.