Most of Plasma™’s functionality is also accessible through keyboard shortcuts. The various combinations should be pressed in sequence, that is for example Alt+D, A means: Press Alt and D, release and press A.

Currently, the following default shortcuts can be used:

Alt+D, A

Add Widgets

Alt+D, R

Remove Widget

Alt+D, L

Lock/Unlock Widgets

Alt+D, N

Next Widget

Alt+D, P

Previous Widget

Alt+D, S

Widget settings

Alt+D, Alt+A


Alt+D, Alt+R

Remove this Activity

Alt+D, Alt+S

Activities Settings


Next Activity


Previous Activity


Show Dashboard

Alt+D, T

Run the Associated Application

To change shortcuts, click with the left mouse button on the desktop Toolbox (the cashew usually at the top right of the desktop) and select Shortcut Settings.