Input/Output Port Information Module

This page displays information about the I/O ports.

I/O Ports are memory addresses used by the processor for direct communication with a device that has sent an interrupt signal to the processor.

The exchange of commands or data between the processor and the device takes place through the I/O port address of the device, which is a hexadecimal number. No two devices can share the same I/O port. Many devices use multiple I/O port addresses, which are expressed as a range of hexadecimal numbers.


The exact information displayed is system-dependent. On some systems, I/O port information can not yet be displayed.

On Linux®, this information is read from /proc/ioports which is only available if the /proc pseudo-filesystem is compiled into the kernel. A list of all currently-registered I/O port regions that are in use is shown.

The first column is the I/O port (or the range of I/O ports), the second column identifies the device that uses these I/O ports.

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