Device Information Module

Device Information is a device viewer module. It shows all relevant devices that are present within your PC. It has three sections, a device viewer, a information panel and a UDI listing for the currently selected device.

Device Listing

The device viewer displays all the current devices detected on your PC in a tree. The main topics at the beginning of the tree are the device categories, left click on a collapsed category to expand it and vice versa to collapse it. To display information about a device, left click on the device in the viewer, the information will display on the right side information panel. You can right click on the device viewer to show the following options:

  • Collapse All: Collapses the tree to show only the main categories.

  • Expand All: Expands the tree to show all the children devices.

  • Show All Devices: Show all the categories no matter if devices are present in those categories

  • Show Relevant Devices: Only show categories that have devices present.

The default display is to collapse all while showing only relevant devices. Please note that the devices shown in the device listing are not all devices within your PC, they are just devices that have been detected via the Solid.

The device viewer can show the following devices:

  • Processors: These are your computers CPUs ( Central Processing Units ).

  • Storage Drives: Devices that are used to store your PCs files and data.

  • Network Interfaces: Devices that allow you to connect to a network or to another PC.

  • Audio Interfaces: Devices that allow your PC to play Sound. They are split into 2 categories, ALSA and OSS sound architectures.

  • Video Devices: Devices that allow you to stream live video.

  • Serial Devices: Devices that are connected to your serial port in your PC.

  • Smart Card Devices: Devices that are smart card readers.

  • Digital Video Broadcasting Devices: Devices that use the open standards for digital television.

  • Device Buttons: These are buttons that are present on your PC or external devices.

  • Batteries: These are battery devices that are plugged into your laptop.

  • AC Adapters: These devices will be present when you plug in your AC Adapter.

  • Multimedia Players: Devices that play media files, like a music player.

  • Camera Devices: These are digital camera that are connected to your PC.


Video devices do not include your video card adapter

Information Panel

The information panel is where device information is shown when you select a device. The first two information topics are always:

  • Product: The name of the device.

  • Vendor: The vendors name of the device.

The following information topics are dependent on the device chosen. They are labeled with easy to understand names. The information labels have the ability to be selected and copied from.


Processor Max Speed and Supported Instruction sets topics are usual not set by solid.


Top categories in the device listing do not show any information.

UDI Information

The bottom information panel shows the current selected devices UDI. This is the unique device identifier.

All labels have the ability to be selected and copied from.