Visualization State

The visualization state of a KCachegrind window includes:

  • the primary and secondary event type chosen for display,

  • the function grouping (used in the Function Profile list and entity coloring),

  • the profile parts whose costs are to be included in visualization,

  • an active cost entity (e.g. a function selected from the function profile sidedock),

  • a selected cost entity.

This state influences the views.

Views are always shown for one cost entity, the active one. When a given view is inappropriate for a cost entity, it is disabled: when selecting e.g. an ELF object in the group list, source annotation makes no sense.

For example, for an active function, the callee list shows all the functions called from the active one: one can select one of these functions without making it active. Also, if the call graph is shown beside, it will automatically select the same function.