Chapter 3. Game Rules, Strategies and Tips


  • Passing a level awards 300 points to the player. A level is passed when all breakable and visible bricks are destroyed, or alternatively if the next level gift is caught. In the latter case an additional score for each remaining brick is awarded.

  • A score is awarded for every brick destroyed, the smaller the interval between one hit and the following the higher this score.

  • This gifts hidden in a given level are fixed, their position however is random.

  • 30 points are awarded for every gift caught.

  • The player loses a life when the ball touches the bottom of the field and there are no other balls left in the game, or when he catches a lose life gift. When losing a life 1000 points are detracted from his score.

  • Additional lives can be gained by catching the add life gifts.

  • The game ends when the player loses the ball while not having any additional lives left, or when all levels have been won.