The Menu Items

The Game Menu

GameNew (Ctrl+N)

Starts a new game.

GameEnd Game (Ctrl+End)

Ends the current game.

GamePause (P)

Pauses or resumes the game.

GameShow High Scores (Ctrl+H)

Opens a dialog that displays different high score tables.

GameQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Quit and close KBounce. If a game is currently played, it's status is lost.

The Settings Menu

SettingsPlay Sounds

If checked, KBounce game sounds are played.


Select a game difficulty. On higher difficulty levels the walls are build slower while balls move faster. That makes it harder to fence an area in the board.

Additionally KBounce has the common KDE Settings and Help menu items, for more information read the sections about the Settings Menu and Help Menu of the KDE Fundamentals.