Chapter 3. Game Rules, Strategies and Tips

Game Rules

The game starts with level 1 in which two balls move around in the field. The player has two lives and 90 seconds to successfully complete the level.

In n-th level there are n + 1 balls. The player is given n + 1 lives. They have 30 * ( n + 2 ) seconds to complete it.

When a ball collides with a growing wall the player looses one life. An exception is the collision with wall's head when no life is lost.

The goal of each level is to cover at least 75% of the field with wall.

The loss of all lives and exceeding the time allowed result in the end of the game.

If a player completes a level he receives 15 points for each life left, and a bonus depending on the number of balls and the number of tiles filled above 75%. They also advance to the next level.