Chapter 4. Commands/Keyboard Shortcuts

The following sections briefly describes each menubar option.

Menu Items

GameSingle Game (Ctrl+N)

Starts a new single player game.

GameHuman vs AI

Compare your skills with the AI and play against the computer using the same sequence of falling blocks, where you have the first turn.

GamePause (P)

Pauses the game.

GameShow High Scores (Ctrl+H)

This shows you the high score (the maximum number of points) for each difficulty level.

GameQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Quits KBlocks.


Lets you set the difficulty level from a sub-menu.

There are three default levels of difficulty: Easy (game starts at level 0), Medium (starts at level 5), and Hard (starts at level 10).

Additionally KBlocks has the common KDE Settings and Help menu items, for more information read the sections about the Settings Menu and Help Menu of the KDE Fundamentals.