Chapter 4. Tips

Using the mouse

Panning with the mouse

  • Holding down the left mouse button on an image allows you to scroll the image.

  • The mouse wheel will scroll the image up and down.

Zooming with the mouse

  • Clicking the middle mouse button will toggle the Fit zoom button. Hold down the Shift key and middle-click to toggle the Fill zoom button.

  • Hold down the Ctrl key, then either use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out or left click to zoom in and right click to zoom out.

  • The mouse wheel, used while holding down the Alt key, will scroll the image horizontally.

Browsing with the mouse

  • When in Browse mode, clicking an image switches into View mode and shows that image.

  • When in Browse mode, scrolling the mouse wheel will scroll up or down the thumbnail view area.

  • If the Mouse wheel behavior option in SettingsConfigure Gwenview is set to Browse, scrolling the mouse wheel while in View Mode will move you through the images in the folder.