Chapter 2. What's new in this release

Revision 4.7.01 (2014-08-30)

As with every release, the KMyMoney development team has been working hard to make this release better and easier to use in every way. We have also made quite a few improvements. We are confident you will like what you see.

In addition to numerous bug fixes, this version also includes new features and functionality. Although all new features have had some testing, this is considered a development release, in preparation for a full release 4.8 early in 2015.

Here are some of the new features found in this release:

  • Transaction tags were added. This was long requested feature and allows an improved categorization of transaction.

  • Better performance of the user interface. Performance in general has been improved by fixing performance issues spotted using a profiler.

  • Proper input methods support was added. KMyMoney can now be safely used with languages that need input methods for easier use.

  • Added a frozen column to improve visualizing forecast details. This way the account name won't be shifted out of the view when horizontally scrolling the forecast details.

  • The application icons were improved.

  • Many improvements in the importing and online banking modules, including:

    • The homepage can show accounts online banking status.

    • OFX plugin now allows custom application version.

    • There is a new plugin to export csv files.