Chapter 2. Using Smb4K

Running Smb4K

After the installation, you can run Smb4K either from the K menu or from the command prompt by typing

$ smb4k

Smb4K does not take any arguments, except those that are known to all KDE applications.

If your system is missing some of the programs Smb4K needs to operate properly, it notifies the user:

The missing program notification

In this case, please install the specified program or, if it is already present, add its location to the PATH environment variable in your shell's configuration file (for the bash(1) shell it is the ~/.bashrc file).

In addition, it is recommended that you configure Samba before using Smb4K. You may use the web-based swat(8) utility for this purpose if you have Samba 3 installed. However, it was removed from Samba 4. With this version, you can use other graphical tools (e.g. system-config-samba) or configure the smb.conf(5) file manually.