Custom Options

All servers and shares for which you defined custom options are listed here.

The "Custom Options" configuration tab

The options defined for a network item can be edited by either double clicking an entry in the list view or by choosing the Edit item from the popup menu (right click on the selected item). The custom options are then being loaded and can be edited. To remove an entry, right click it and choose the Remove item from the popup menu. All network items may be removed at once by choosing the Clear List item. Changes can be reset by choosing the Undo item from the popup menu.

The custom options are accessible through the editor widgets on the right. In the General section the UNC address of the network item and its editable IP address are shown. In case of a share, you can also define whether it should always be remounted. Below, the custom options are arranged in two tabs:


You can edit various Samba settings here. Which ones are available depends on the operating system you are using. For more information, have a look at the description of the Samba configuration page.


Here you can edit the options that you previously defined through the Custom Options dialog.